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A high-level comparison of two of the most promising proteomic technologies — mass spectrometry and the SOMAscan assay
The SOMAscan® Assay: An Unprecedented Protein Biomarker Discovery and Development Tool

Dissecting complex biology requires a proteomic technology that can measure both broadly (thousands of proteins simultaneously) and deeply (across a wide range of concentrations).

Only the SOMAscan assay can do both, thanks to the distinctive properties of the SOMAmer reagents used in the assay. In essence, the SOMAscan assay overcomes a difficult protein measurement challenge by changing it into a straightforward DNA measurement solution.

Researchers can access the SOMAscan assay for their own investigations either as a service from SomaLogic directly, or by having the SOMAscan assay deployed at their own institution.

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Figure: Highlights of the SOMAscan assay.

  1. SOMAmer reagents attached to streptavidin beads bind to proteins in the sample mix
  2. The proteins that are bound to their specific SOMAmer reagents are then biotinylated
  3. The SOMAmer-protein complexes are released by photocleaving the linker, and non-specific SOMAmer-protein complexes are separated (center pair)
  4. Biotinylated proteins are bound to a second streptavidin bead
  5. Bound SOMAmer reagents are removed from their protein targets
  6. SOMAmer reagents are collected and denatured
  7. SOMAmer reagents are measured using standard DNA analysis techniques like microarrays

More information can be found in the SOMAscan Assay Technical White Paper.