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SOMAmer® Reagents: A New Class of Protein-Affinity Molecules

SOMAmer (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) reagents lie at the heart of SomaLogic’s proteomic platform. Each SOMAmer is highly specific for its respective cognate protein. SOMAmers combine the best properties of antibodies (range of target proteins) and traditional aptamers (durability and reliability).

A SOMAmer reagent consists of a unique short DNA sequence that incorporates several bases that have been modified to include “protein-like” side chains, and a 5′-linker optimized for use in the SOMAscan assay. To date, we’ve developed SOMAmer reagents to a broad array of more than 1,300 different protein targets, and we continue to expand our SOMAmer reagent library at regular intervals.

SomaLogic now offers many individual SOMAmer reagents for research users. In addition, we can make custom SOMAmers to your protein of interest (and “fit-for-purpose” for your assay) through our SOMAmer Discovery Service.

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SOMAmer Reagents: Specific And Versatile Protein Affinity Reagents

Figure: The crystal structure of a SOMAmer-protein pair reveals the unique binding properties of SOMAmer reagents compared to antibodies or traditional aptamers (base modifications are in purple). This new generation of powerful protein-binding reagents are at the core of our SOMAscan assay, the biomarker discovery engine that drives our efforts.

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