White Papers and Technical Notes

In-depth technical information about SOMAmer reagents, SOMAscan, sample handling, and nonhuman samples.

SOMAscan Assay Information

SOMAscan Proteomic Assay Technical White Paper
While traditional proteomics tools have limitations in biomarker discovery, the SOMAscan assay is an aptamer-based binding assay that complements your current methods.

Data Standardization Short Note
Standardization is an important tool for removing systematic biases from raw assay data. This document summarizes four techniques used to standardize SOMAscan assay results.

SOMAscan 1.3k Assay Content
SOMAmer reagents generated to human proteins that are on the current version of the SOMAscan assay.

Recommended Sample Handling and Processing (2016)
Recommended procedures for the collection and preparation of samples for assay on SOMAscan at SomaLogic.

Verification and Validation of SOMAscan Assay 1.3k
The SOMAscan Assay is optimized for protein biomarker discovery. Both the individual SOMAmer reagents included in the assay and the assay itself are validated for the relative quantification of human protein levels in endogenous matrix. This technical notes describes the verification and validation of the SOMAscan Assay 1.3k.

SOMAscan Assay Change Logs

SomaLogic is committed to offering the utmost transparency about our products in order to improve the success of our customers’ protein biomarker discovery and validation efforts.


Characterization of SOMAmer Reagents Binding Specificity in the SOMAscan 1.3k Assay 
Our SOMAmer reagent characterization steps (binding assays, pull-downs, and/or mass spectrometry validation) are documented in this Technical Note.  Our approach aligns with the guidelines being developed by the Global Biological Standards Institute for monoclonal antibody characterization and validation.

SOMAmer Reagent Characterization Data
SomaLogic is committed to providing all SOMAscan assay users the most accurate and useful information possible about the binding specificity of each of the SOMAmer reagents in the current commercial version of the assay. Using this link, you can access the complete set of characterization data we have at this time for individual SOMAmer reagents, a subset of reagents, or for all the reagents in the current assay.

Technical Notes

SOMAmer Technical Note Rev3 (2015)
The interrogation of proteomes in a highly multiplexed and efficient manner remains a coveted and challenging goal in biology and medicine. We introduce an entirely new way to bind proteins, the SOMAmer® reagent, as an evolutionary leap forward in protein recognition. These high-affinity protein-binding reagents are very specific and allow for extremely high multiplexing of protein measurements in a high-throughput and reproducible manner with very small sample volume requirements. SOMAmer reagents form the backbone of our SOMAscan assay platform and represent a powerful new method for biomarker discovery.

Nonhuman Samples in the SOMAscan Assay, Technical Note (2015)
Many SOMAmer reagents generated to pure human proteins cross-react with non-human orthologs and therefore can be used in SOMAscan to identify deferential expression of these analytes in non-human samples. We have evaluated the signaling of the SOMAscan assay by interrogating mouse plasma, rat plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and cat and dog serum and plasma by the methods described in this technical note.

Annotated SomaLogic and Third-party Publications

An annotated list of select publications from SomaLogic and users of SomaLogic’s technology