Scientific Posters and Webinars 

A selection of presentations from SomaLogic scientists and their collaborators.

POSTER: N Finkel et al.
Protein profiling comparison of modified DNA aptamer screening to data dependent mass spectrometry across cancer cell lines

POSTER: Erik Zimmerman et al.
SOMAmer® reagents: A new class of protein binding reagents

POSTER: SK Wilcox et al.
SOMAscan™ Assay: A proteomic platform that can also detect SNPs

POSTER: DR Davies et al.
SOMAmers: Defining a new structural vocabulary with modified nucleotide DNA aptamers in complex with protein targets

POSTER: SK Nelson et al.
A study of protein changes in Duchenne muscular dystrophy using SOMAscan multiplex proteomic technology

POSTER: SK Nelson et al.
Discovery of neurological biomarker signatures using SOMAscan multiplex proteomic technology

POSTER: B Lollo et al.
SOMAscan™: A quantitative multiplex proteomic platform that measures 1129 analytes in complex matrices

POSTER: MP Nikrad et al.
Identification of prognostic biomarkers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) using a multiplex SOMAmer™ assay

POSTER: MP Nikrad et al.
Novel serum protein signature associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

POSTER: D Ayers et al.
Differential protein signatures in erlotinib-sensitive and resistant lung cancer cell lines in vitro and in vivo

POSTER: B Mehler et al.
How one thousand proteins in almost 1000 subjects can help us stratify cardiovascular risk

POSTER: R Gill et al.
Proteomic insights in oncology: What have we learned from measuring millions of proteins?

POSTER: S Williams et al.
Exposing the criminal record of every blood sample: Use of SOMAmer technology and sample mapping vectors to mitigate false biomarker discoveries

Annotated SomaLogic and Third-party Publications

An annotated list of select publications from SomaLogic and users of SomaLogic’s proteomic technology

WEBINAR: E. Zimmerman
SOMAmer reagents: specific and versatile protein affinity reagents

WEBINAR: N Janjic and D Zichi
The exquisite specificity of SOMAmer reagents – a new type of protein affinity binding reagent

WEBINAR: S Williams and R Gerszten
Integrating metabolomic and proteomic profiles for ‘less impersonal’ medicine

WEBINAR: N Janjic and D Davies
Bound for success: powerful new affinity reagents for multiple applications

WEBINAR: S Williams
The art, science, and discipline of biomarker study and program design

WEBINAR: G Baird, R Brand, H Pass
Case studies in protein biomarker discovery and validation for oncology

WEBINAR: R Lee and J Swindle
Pharmacology and pathology: SOMAscan hunting

WEBINAR: A Clayton and S Williams
Probing exosomes using novel affinity-based proteomic technology

WEBINAR: R Ostroff, S Williams and N Saccomano
Proteomics of pulmonary diseases

WEBINAR: S Williams and N Saccomano (free, but registration required)
Unlocking protein biomarker discovery for pharma, biotech and academia