Choosing the Right Biomarker Discovery Tool

A high-level comparison of two of the most promising proteomic technologies — mass spectrometry and the SOMAscan assay

A Breakthrough Proteomics Platform for the Life Sciences Community

The SOMAscan assay – the most powerful protein biomarker discovery tool available today – includes more than 1,300 different SOMAmer reagents (current version). Access to the SOMAscan assay is on a simple fee-for-service basis, although some applications will require a deeper collaborative relationship.

The latest version of the SOMAscan assay (SOMAscan Assay 1.3k) measures greater than 1,300 protein analytes in only 150 µl of several different biological matrices.***

The assay offers exceptional dynamic range, quantifying proteins that span over 8 logs in abundance (from femtomolar to micromolar) and excellent reproducibility (4.6% median %CV).

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for individual SOMAmer reagents, a subset of reagents, or for all the reagents in the current assay

Process for submitting and analyzing samples

After a SOMAscan assay service agreement is in place, the project manager assigned to your project will send you a Sample Submission Form. This form is to be completed and submitted along with the samples. Upon arrival at our facility, the samples are checked to ensure that they have arrived in good condition with all the necessary information. At that point, the study is entered into the SOMAscan assay queue. The samples are assayed, the data are normalized as appropriate and all project documentation is reviewed by our Quality Assurance team. The data are typically delivered within 5 weeks of sample receipt. Historically, our turnaround time is 34 days.

***The list of analytes measured in the previous version of the assay (SOMAscan Assay 1.1k) can be downloaded here.

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Additional Areas of Interest

Correlation of SOMAmer Reagents in the SOMAscan Assay and Commercially Available Immunoassays

SOMAscan Assay Recommended Sample Handling and Processing

The SOMAscan assay is amenable to proteomic profiling of numerous matrices, allowing for discovery of biomarkers that may translate across all phases of drug discovery and basic research.

The SOMAscan assay offers an unmatched combination of characteristics, including multiplexing ability, low sample volume requirements, high throughput, excellent sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility.

SomaLogic is committed to providing all SOMAscan assay users the most accurate and useful information possible about the binding specificity of each of the SOMAmer reagents in the current commercial version of the assay. Using this link, you can access the complete set of characterization data we have at this time for individual SOMAmer reagents, a subset of reagents, or for all the reagents in the current assay.

List of SOMAmer Reagents generated to human proteins