SOMAmer Reagents

SOMAmer Reagents Specificity

Review this white paper that provides an overview of the specificity of protein-binding reagents in general, and more in-depth information regarding SOMAmer reagents

Individual SOMAmer Reagents

As powerful protein-binding molecules, SOMAmer reagents can be employed in a large number of life science applications, including quantitative measurement of individual proteins, histochemistry of frozen tissue samples, flow cytometry, and affinity purification (see Application Notes).

Please note that SOMAmer reagents are available for Research Use Only.


Figure: The crystal structure (above) of a SOMAmer-protein pair reveals the unique binding properties of SOMAmers compared to traditional aptamers. This new generation of powerful protein-binding reagents are at the core of our SOMAscan assay, the biomarker discovery engine that drives our efforts.



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SOMAmer® Reagents: Specific And Versatile Protein Affinity Reagents

Additional Areas of Interest

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A list of SOMAmer Reagent specification sheets.

A list of SOMAmer Reagent package inserts and specification sheets.