SOMAmer Discovery Service

SOMAmer Reagents Specificity

Review this white paper that provides an overview of the specificity of protein-binding reagents in general, and more in-depth information regarding SOMAmer reagents

Get a “Fit-to-Purpose” SOMAmer Reagent for Your Specific Research Needs

If you are looking for a superior protein-affinity reagent for a specific research need, our SOMAmer Discovery Service enables you to work directly with SomaLogic scientists to develop a custom SOMAmer reagent for the particular assay you would like to perform.

More information about our SOMAmer Discovery Service can be found in the FAQs, or you may contact us directly with any questions or to discuss your specific needs.

Please note that SOMAmer reagents are available for Research Use Only.

Recorded Webinar

SOMAmer Reagents: Specific And Versatile Protein Affinity Reagents

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