Services, Reagents, and KitsĀ for Real-Time Biology

As described in the recent GenomeWeb article, SomaLogic is shifting its business focus away from the direct sale of the SOMAscan assay (both as a service and as kits to remote sites) to building deep collaborations that use SOMAscan to rapidly advance human health and wellness. We still believe that our fundamental responsibility to science and medicine is to make the uniquely powerful SOMAscan assay available broadly, but we now believe we can do that more effectively through a collaborative rather than service model. These collaborations will be based on a new version of the SOMAscan assay that measures ~5,000 human proteins, and will include bidirectional data and insight sharing, lower cost, and bioinformatics. We are still finalizing the elements of this collaborative model, and we plan to make that available later this summer.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions before then, please contact us.