New multiplex panel for accurate cardiovascular risk stratification

Predict cardiovascular events with the SomaLogic CVD Secondary Risk Panel

SomaLogic is at the forefront of the proteomics revolution. Our SOMAscan Assay measures thousands of proteins simultaneously. It is a powerful tool for biomarker discovery and elucidating biological mechanisms. SomaLogic Diagnostics extends our biomarker discovery programs by developing multiplex panel assays with disease-specific algorithms that provide actionable information. Our future tests will aid in the diagnosis, monitoring response to treatment, prognosis, and risk stratification to help manage chronic diseases and maintain wellness for the best possible outcomes.

The SomaLogic CVD Secondary Risk Panel is offered in our CAP-accredited CLIA laboratory.

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For Drug Developers

The SomaLogic CVD Secondary Risk Panel can accelerate time to endpoint through trial enrichment.

Summary Data

See data highlights from the JAMA paper.

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