Delivering SOMAscan®-generated insights into multiple health and wellness-related markets

As described in a news story posted today at GenomeWeb, SomaLogic recently restructured its strategic plan and company organization to more quickly realize its mission: Providing SOMAscan-derived health insights through a growing global network of partners and users. A series of recent events, including significant equity investment and key personnel hires, made this restructure possible.

“We are at perhaps the most critical moment in SomaLogic’s history,” said Larry Gold, SomaLogic’s Founder and Chairman. “The financial, personnel and technological resources we need to rapidly enter – and begin to transform – many health and wellness-focused markets came together to help us realize our aspirations, and we are seizing the opportunity.”

Gold cited four contributing events:

“Our research and development colleagues have built an exceptional, robust technology that uniquely reveals the ‘molecular phenotype’ of health and disease, personalized for each individual,” said Reynolds. “The visionary support of iCarbonX – especially Dr. Jun Wang’s friendship and commitment to proteomic insights from the SOMAscan platform – and additional support from other investors now makes it mandatory that we intelligently and rapidly build a business that focuses this technology on achieving SomaLogic’s founding mission.”

The SOMAscan Platform includes the SOMAscan assay and the computational and delivery infrastructure necessary to interpret assay results in the context of multiple other data types, which leads to the delivery of insights to manage health and wellness to consumer, traditional medical, and emerging “future medical”markets.

“We are finally seeing the realization of SOMAscan’s potential for managing health and wellness widely,” said Gold. “There is still much to do, but it is so exciting to know that the last 20-plus years of hard work have finally gotten us to the point where SOMAscan can directly improve the quality of life for literally millions of people around the world.”