Revolutionizing Proteomics to Transform Healthcare

SomaLogic® was founded in 2000 by Larry Gold, with the goal of improving the well-being and quality of life of every individual by transforming how diseases were detected and diagnosed.

Building on the previous decade of aptamer research, SomaLogic scientists have developed a new proteomics technology that overcomes the significant challenges of current technologies, and which has multiple applications across the biological and medical sciences.

Our mission is to leverage our proprietary technology to discover, develop and commercialize revolutionary new life science research tools and breakthrough clinical diagnostic products that will transform healthcare.

Personalized “Wellness”

A high quality of life (wellness) is largely a matter of “actionable” measurement, and the measurement that matters most is the complex and ever-changing array of proteins that circulate through our bodies in ways personalized to each of us. The ability to reliably and accurately make these measurements is precisely what SomaLogic uniquely offers.

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The Future of Healthcare

The ability to monitor an individual’s health over time by measuring changes in his/her protein makeup is nothing less than a revolution in healthcare. The earliest possible detection of disease, the evaluation of nutritional and fitness states, and the measurement of the effects of external interventions like drugs and supplements, together will empower individuals to monitor and maintain their state of health wellness and thus improve their quality of life.

We envision a day when all these measurements can be brought together in a single inexpensive and easy test – perhaps even one that can be done at home. We call this visionary test the “Wellness Chip,” and we’re working to make it possible within the next decade.