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SomaLogic's breakthrough SOMAmer™ protein-binding reagents and SOMAscan™ proteomic assay technologies can efficiently, accurately and rapidly identify and quantify 1,129 proteins across approximately eight logs of concentration in small sample volumes. Compared to other current technologies, SomaLogic's breadth and depth of coverage offers unprecedented power for biomarker discovery, diagnostics development, and pharmaceutical discovery and development.

At the heart of SomaLogic's unique proteomic platform are SOMAmer™ (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) protein-binding reagents, each of which are highly specific for their respective cognate protein.

To date, we've developed SOMAmers to a broad array of more than 1,100 different protein targets critical to normal and disease biology, and we continue to expand our SOMAmer library at regular intervals.

For a more in-depth presentation, please download the SOMAmer Technical Note.

The crystal structure (above) of a SOMAmer-protein pair reveals the unique binding properties of SOMAmers compared to traditional aptamers. This new generation of powerful protein-binding reagents are at the core of our SOMAscan™ assay, the biomarker discovery engine that drives our efforts.

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