Sample Types

Technical Note

Non-human samples in the SOMAscan assay

Sample Types

The SOMAscan assay is amenable to proteomic profiling of numerous matrices, allowing for discovery of biomarkers that may translate across all phases of drug discovery and basic research.

Currently, human plasma (EDTA, citrate, or ACD), serum, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are the most well characterized matrices, and only 150 µL is required to run them in the SOMAscan assay. Other biological matrices such as cell culture supernatant, cell and tissue lysates, synovial fluid, and bronchoalveolar and nasal lavage have been used successfully (Table 1 below).

We are open to discussing additional sample types with collaborators. Specific protocols for various sample preparations are available on request.

Table 1. Biological matrix “tiers” for SOMAscan usage

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