SOMAscan At Your Institution

Choosing the Right Biomarker Discovery Tool

A high-level comparison of two of the most promising proteomic technologies — mass spectrometry and the SOMAscan assay

Bring the SOMAscan Assay In-House

Most researchers access the SOMAscan assay as a direct service from SomaLogic, but a growing number of institutions prefer having the assay in their own laboratories for easier use. These include:


The SOMAscan assay can be deployed in either a manual or automated format, depending on particular needs. Contact us to learn more.

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SomaLogic Headquarters: 40.027886, -105.247741
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Center for Human Immunology, Autoimmunity and Inflammation: 39.001400, -77.100500
Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Rotterdam: 51.910018, 4.465963
University of Colorado Denver (UCD), Anschutz Medical Campus: 39.745180, -104.837624
University of Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology: 49.900300, -97.150400
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar: 25.314550, 51.427641
University of Houston: 29.718091, -95.336483
Sidra Medical Research Center: 25.279320, 51.522450
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) National Center for Toxicological Research: 34.382300, -92.087900
VU University Medical Center Amsterdam: 52.334616, 4.859830
University College London: 51.522114, -0.132286
University of Florida Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research: 29.638324, -82.351832
Ottawa Heart Institute at the University of Ottawa: 45.394587, -75.720177
National Jewish Hospital: 39.739369, -104.942212
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: 42.339820, -71.105680
Washington University: 38.647141, -90.302676
Hamilton Health Sciences: 43.261855, -79.855984
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Additional Areas of Interest

SOMAscan Assay Recommended Sample Handling and Processing

The SOMAscan Assay: An unprecedented protein biomarker discovery and development tool

The SOMAscan assay offers an unmatched combination of characteristics, including multiplexing ability, low sample volume requirements, high throughput, excellent sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility.

List of SOMAmer Reagents generated to human proteins