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SomaLogic announced today the names of the six scientists whose proposals were chosen to receive funding from the 2016 SOMAscan Biomarker Discovery Grant Program. Of the 62 entries received, these six were selected as the top proposals by a team of non-SomaLogic peer reviewers on the basis of scientific merit.

A study published online today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) details the first successful effort to measure at scale the levels of more than a thousand proteins in blood in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD), and describes the identification of a combination of nine specific proteins whose levels taken together can accurately predict the risk of future heart attacks, strokes, heart failure or death. This 9-protein model is more accurate for predicting risk of such adverse events than any currently measured risk factors (e.g., cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, smoking or age). A diagnostic test based on these findings is in development for release later this year.

SomaLogic announced today that it has signed an agreement with University College London (UCL) to deploy SomaLogic’s proprietary SOMAscan assay in the UCL Genomics laboratory. This agreement marks the first placement of the assay in the University of London large network of self-governing colleges and research institutes.

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